Predictable College Funding for Grandparents

I was struggling to find an efficient way to help my Children save for my Grandchildren’s tuition. I knew that we had to start when they were young so that we would have enough time for the fund to grow so we could fund at least 2 years of tuition for our 5 Grandchildren when they go to college.

And, we know that the cost of tuition, especially private schools, has been growing exponentially. How can our children keep up with the cost and save enough for our Grandchildren’s tuition, so they won’t have to take out Huge student loans?

Not only that, my Children have their own student loans to pay back, mortgages to pay and day care costs. They are putting some money into 529 plans, and I help and contribute to that, but it doesn’t seem like it will be nearly enough to cover the costs.

I guess my Grandchildren can go to a state school. And, many are really good, but I don’t want them to be limited to where they can go because of the tuition especially if that isn’t the best option for their education. And let’s face it do we really want just “really good” for our Grandchildren? I don’t. I want outstanding for them! I want them to be able to have it all!

So, I searched and searched for a better option for us, my husband and me, to help fund college for my Grandchildren and I discovered a strategy where I can easily save 2-4 years of tuition for my Grandchildren. And better yet I get predictable results and I know how much will be in the fund when each of my Grandchildren go to college. I was finally able to put a program in place to ease my mind.

I told my friends about my program and they wanted to help their Grandchildren too. They knew that their children also weren’t saving enough for their Grandchildren’s college education.  Some of my friends said that their children felt that the Grandchildren were too young to start saving for college. Hearing that made my friends very nervous since we know that it is never too early to start saving for college. So they really believed they had to do something now because eventually the burden of funding college would be on their Grandchildren. And, the only most likely option would be Huge student loans.

So we set up plans for them to help fund 1-4 years of college for their Grandchildren. Knowing that we have a plan in place to help our Grandchildren fund college helps us sleep easily at night.   

People ask me what was the reasoning for setting up this program? Why does it matter so much to you?

I felt compelled to act and prevent our Grandchildren from having the burden of fund college on their own.

And I know that there is so much information out there that we get confused and we don’t do anything. So I decided to put together a video to reveal the 2 key ingredients needed to use my strategy which you can use as well.

You can watch it now for free:

In this free video I will explain exactly how to get started to save for your Grandchildren’s education in a way that is predictable and tax efficient way just like I and my friends have done. So click the link below to the FREE look into my strategy. 

Here’s the link:

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